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Rustic Dough Bowl Candle Care + Safety Tips

A Joy Forever rustic dough bowl candles are loved the world over! 

Each is hand-carved, and crafted to order just for you with the highest quality wax, wicks and a wide selection of clean, Leaping-Bunny certified cruelty-free fragrances.

A few notes:

  • Every bowl is unique, so expect small differences in shape, color and size. We think that's part of the charm!
  • Bowls are sustainable, and we encourage you to use and enjoy them in any number of wonderful ways after burning. We put rolled-up fingertip towels in ours and set next to the sink in the powder room - a really pretty décor item! They're perfect nut and fruit bowls, filled with your favorite potpourri or a handful of coarse salt infused with a few drops of essential oil. 
  • With proper care, bowls can also be refilled as candles. You can purchase our DIY kit here, or send back to us and we'll do the work for you.

Some tips to keep your rustic bowls safe, beautiful and long-lasting:

1. When your candle arrives, remove all packing material, wrap, bows, etc. Feel free to burn right away or wait an additional one to two weeks for an even more dramatic scent.

2. Always light on a level surface, and never leave unattended. Keep away from kids and pets (especially from wagging dog tails and curious kitties...).

3. Burn candle in no more than 2 to 3-hour increments. Simply snuff wicks, allow wax to cool and harden, then relight again when desired. Never burn (any!) candle with less than 1/4 wax remaining. 

4. Unlike traditional jars or tins, rustic candles can naturally burn in irregular patterns, such as small pools or circles around the wick. This is normal, and designed to keep the flame away from the sides of the bowl.

5. Always trim wicks to 1/4" or less before each use, and if the flame gets too high. If you don't have a wick trimmer handy, a large nail clipper or small scissors works fine. It may take a try or two for the wick to catch - this is normal, and patience yields success :) 

6. Reuse! See ideas above, or create a new candle. We offer DIY kits, as well as a refill service where we do the work for you. To learn more, click here for details. 

7. To clean wooden vessels, carefully spoon out remaining wax and wicks to avoid scratching the wood, then gently warm any residue with a hair dryer or low heat gun (best to do over trash can or paper-covered surface), taking care to avoid touching melting wax as it can get hot. Give bowl a final wipe with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel, and let dry. If there's enough left-over wax, give it second life in a wax melter if you have one. A Joy Forever also has some pretty plug-in models here for purchase.

Thank you as always, and we hope you gets lots of enjoyment from your A Joy Forever candle.