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Q. Why should I buy handcrafted natural bath and body? 6 bucks is like a year's worth of soap at Costco!
A. True, high quality and handcrafted can cost a little more. But:

1) It's nice knowing you're supporting a human being vs. a machine
2) You'll never have to worry about, "Buy one - get¬†Dioxane, SLS, parabens, ureas, hormone disruptors and formaldehydes - Free.‚ÄĚ
3) Products tend to be more moisturizing, thanks to ingredients like skin-loving glycerin, which is a part of the natural soap-making process
4) You can feel good knowing you're not contributing any added pollutants to our water tables every time your creamy bubbles go down the drain. Better environment, better planet, better world for us and our kids.
5) Each item is unique - just like you are

Q. What do you mean by "vegan" hand cream?  Is it made from tofu?

A. Well, I've never made hand cream with tofu, but it sounds interesting!

Seriously, though, even if you aren't vegan, there are still many good reasons to buy plant-based products. Lanolin, for example, is widely used in the bath and body industry as an emollient.  But it's often a stealth source of skin irritation, like acne. Maybe it's because lanolin is just a nice name for the greasy, yellow secretions from the skin glands of sheep. Something not intended for human bodies - hence, unhappy side-effects.  It's also a by-product of the meat industry...need I say more? (Check out the ingredients of Irish Spring soap some time.  On top of a full lab of unhealthy chemicals, it's also made with pig fat, cleverly disguised as sodium tallowate or tallow acid.  Why didn't they just call it what it is?  Hmmm!) 

Vegan products also tend to have fewer ingredients, and generally speaking, less is more when it comes to gentleness. Also, vegan means no animal will ever be harmed or killed in the making of your products. Google "animal testing" just once. If you're like me, you don't need any of God's creatures to die for your lip balm. A little more on that in our next question...

Q. How can I be sure your products are never tested on animals?
A. All A Joy Forever bath, body and apothecary products are proudly Leaping Bunny certified, the most respected program of its kind in the world. This non-profit has earned its reputation as the global gold standard for cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care and household products, thanks to rigorous requirements and documentation transparency from the company's entire supply chain.  A Joy Forever is committed to upholding this standard in everything we make. That said, we do test all our formulations on ourselves, our friends and family.  If you're ever interested in being part of our little testing team, let us know.  You could receive a freebie and feedback link in your order one day!

Q. Why does my (insert product, package, labels here) sometimes look different from item to item, or order to order?
A. When you choose "Joyfully Made," you are choosing real over perfect: real essential oils. Real plant butters, real fruit and flower essences.  All made by real people, handcrafting every product that goes in the jar, to the label that goes on it. 

Since we're only human (last we checked!) and because plant-based ingredients can and will vary slightly in scent, color, and other features depending on the season, growing conditions, etc., each product has its own unique personality - from the swirl on a bar of soap to an earthy mud mask.  

We also work hard to source sustainable, affordable packaging for every product - but styles, sizes and materials can and often do change - sometimes without notice.  When this happens, we try to use this as an opportunity to improve the function, style or other features. And labels?  Well, let's say we're better soap makers than graphic designers. 

Batch to batch - these elements may slightly vary.  But rest assured, our commitment to quality never will.