UNIQUE/ONE-OF-A-KIND: All A Joy Forever Bath, Body + Apothecary products are made from the finest ingredients sourced around the globe. Due to handcrafting, seasonality and other factors in creating fresh product, there may be slight differences in style, texture, color, labels and/or packaging from item to item, or order to order. While our products may vary, you can rest assured our quality never will.

ALLERGIES/SENSITIVITIES: A Joy Forever was created as an alternative to harsh, chemical-laden commercial products. As someone with highly sensitive skin myself, I make it a practice to test products beforehand before widespread use. While we source all-natural, gentle ingredients for our formulations, everyone is different. Especially if you have had reactions in the past, we strongly encourage you try a small amount of a product on the inside of your arm for a few days to ensure you tolerate it well.