Woodstock Vegan Bath Soap

A Joy Forever Bath + Body


I was 7 years old when Woodstock went viral, and that was before the internet! We were living in Upstate NY at the time, not too far from the famous farm where the concert took place, and it was first time I heard the words "hippie" in my house (probably said by my father with a sniff!). Dad may not have appreciated the music, but it changed the world, and there's still so much of it to love today. That era also had some groovy scents (well, the legal ones...) like patchouli, nag champa, musk and sandalwood. What better blend for a far-out soap than those?! We added just a tad of oud, amber, cedar and vanilla to the mix, and a tie-dye color palette. We think it's pretty righteous, and hope you do, too.

Features unrefined babassu + shea butters, organic avocado oil, vegan fragrance.

Net wt. 4.5 oz.