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Sweater Weather Vegan Soap

You'll fall for this cornucopia of apple, patchouli and earthy incense
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Here in Texas, we go from sweltering to deep freeze, splitting our time between sleeveless t-shirts and puffy parkas, sometimes in the same month! What we wouldn't give for 60-degrees and a soft breeze - and maybe a few autumn-colored leaves on the trees if that's not asking too much. But seeing as we're in full-on fall right now and it's 95 out, think I'll have to settle for a bar of this beautiful new soap :)  Sweater Weather is a unisex blend of red apple, sultry patchouli, a hint of tobacco and earthy incense. With all its earthiness, it's delightfully refreshing and crisp - just like a perfect October day. 

Features unrefined babassu + shea butters, organic avocado oil, vegan color and fragrance.

Net wt. 4.5 oz.