Lilac Lane Vegan Soap

A Joy Forever Bath + Body



Sigh. I don't think I really appreciated lilacs until we moved to Texas and didn't have them anymore. We had a whole row of the purple shrubs festooning our Upstate New York back yard (along with scads of lily of the valley, another fave), filling the air with the sweet scent of warm weather. These days, I may have to travel a thousand miles to see one, but I can at least smell one by way of this new soap.  Lilac Lane is bursting with that lovely familiar fragrance, delivered in a nourishing babassu butter bar. Hint: keep a few shavings in an organza bag and tuck in a drawer to keep the scent going long after the soap is gone.

Features organic babassu + shea butters, avocado oil, vegan mica + fragrance.  Net wt. 4.5 oz