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Organic Soy Scented Wax Melts + Electric Tart Warmers


There's nothing like the warm glow of a beautiful ceramic warmer and hand-poured wax melts to relax your soul and scent your world safely, without smoke or soot. Makes a great gift, too.

Warmers emit a gentle light using a standard 120v plug, low-voltage halogen light bulb and on-off switch. Patented 2-in-1 design accepts both wax melts and small container candles. Price includes a 6-pack of 100% organic American soy tarts in an array of fabulous seasonal scents. 

Have a warmer but need more melts? Find them here.

Botanical 2-in-1: Glazed white porcelain with beautiful raised leaf motif. Countertop style, approx. 7.5"h x 5.5"w

Spa Wave 2-in-1: Softly ripples surround ivory-white matte ceramic. Countertop style, approx. 6"h x 4.5"w

Rustic 2-in-1: Bronze and ivory embossing on a footed base. Countertop style, approx. 4"h x 5"w

White Ivy 2-in-1: White glazed porcelain decked with delicate vines. Plugs into any outlet; base rotates to fit most spaces. Approx. 5"h

Please note: Styles are limited edition and subject to availability.



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