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Bibliophile Vegan Bath Soap

Sale price$7.95

My grandmother was a librarian, which was an endless source of free books. I fondly remember opening the hardbound cover, and seeing that little paper pocket, filled with date stamps and names of young readers I would never know. In those days, you checked out a book by handing a card tucked into the pocket to the librarian, who would file it until it was returned. And woe to the wretch who failed to bring a book back on time. Penalties to pay - pennies a day! - which could add up to some serious coin. All that babysitting money, gone like the wind. This soap brings me right back to those days, with a fabulous scent that conjures up well-loved wooden shelves and pin-drop quiet rooms: base notes of birch, patchouli and vanilla with a hint of violet and touch of plum. If soap had a page-turner, this would be it...

Features unrefined shea and mango butters, babassu, avocado and castor oils, vegan fragrance. 

 Net wt. approx. 3 oz.