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Asian Lily Vegan Bath Soap


Ever notice how nice hotels smell...so...good?! Well, it's not by accident. These properties spend big buck$ working with industry experts to develop their own signature scents. They're diffused throughout the property's public spaces, creating a unique, memorable, and hopefully amazing, guest experience.  As you might imagine, these proprietary blends have long been a fiercely guarded secret. Recently, however, I was introduced to a fully-vegan, women-owned artisan fragrance house that works directly with these same industry experts to offer to premium body care and candlemakers the exact scents (not duplicates or replicas!) used at dozens of famous luxury hotels and resorts. And yes, they are all that!

I will be rolling out a limited series of soaps, as well as companion products, in several of these wonderful fragrances. Asian Lily is top of the docket, and if you are a Vegas habitué, you might very well recognize it from a beautiful property on the east end of the Strip (wink, wink). It's been described as " a crisp marine accord, with lemon verbena, misted rain, notes of rose petals, sea lotus, musk and bamboo." More simply put, it's pretty glorious. You don't need to be a floral person to love it either - it's soft and sophisticated, without being perfumey or cloying.  So enjoy, and keep checking in for new additions to the collection.

Features unrefined babassu + shea butters, organic avocado oil, vegan fragrance.

Net wt. 4.5 oz.


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