Pinstripes Vegan Bath Soap

A Joy Forever Bath + Body


 I was this close to naming this soap Suits, after my favorite TV show!

If you've seen it, you know Harvey Specter is the fast-talking, take-no-prisoners attorney at Pearson Hardman, his New York law firm. He wears the finest suits, perfectly tailored and always looking impeccable, even after a 14 hour day roughing up corporate hoods. I made this soap in his honor: fresh, sophisticated, with neroli, mossy green, sandalwood, amber and a bit of grit (fine pumice) - just like Harv. Perfect before "suiting up," or winding down after a long day fighting for truth, justice and a little bit of sanity.

Features organic babassu + shea butters, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut and castor oils, vegan fragrance.

Net wt. 4.5 oz