NEW Barbershop Scrub Vegan Bath Soap

A Joy Forever Bath + Body


When my son was a little boy, we'd take him to Ed's Clip Joint in old Downtown Carrollton, Texas. The place was frozen in time, complete with revolving red, white and blue pole outside the front door, and chairs full of men of a certain age, covered in black capes and catching up on the week's sports scores and town gossip. Ed would pull out the No. 2 clippers, give Will the requisite burr cut and whitewalls, and we'd be on our way -  wallet $8 lighter and Sunday-school ready.  This handsome new soap will transport you right back to barbershops of yore, with a hint of Clubman talcum, a bit of Bay Rum, a splash of cool aftershave. Fine walnut powder adds a gentle exfoliant for super soft skin.  Great for the whole family, and a trip down memory lane.

Features organic mango, shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, organic indigo, activated charcoal, organic walnut shell powder.

Net wt. approx. 4 oz.