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Styling Combs + Vegan Beard Brushes


Deluxe Anti-static Sandalwood Beard + Hair Comb

Up your grooming game with this anti-static folding sandalwood comb. Styles and detangles the thickest head of hair to the tamest beard without breakage. Fits neatly in pocket, portfolio and shave kit.  Makes great gift, too.

Vegan Premium Beard Brush

All natural, vegan and halal-friendly, this brush is an elegant oval shape that's easy in the hand but firm with wayward hair. Use it on beard and head right after treating yourself to a dab of AJF King of Beards oil. You'll feel the difference that everyone else is sure to notice.

Peachwood Beard Comb

Anti-static! Perfect for the well-groomed beardsman, keeps every hair in place while evenly distributing balms and butters.  Fits neatly in pocket or shaving kit, backpack to briefcase.

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