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Best Defense Vegan Bath Soap


While it seems like literally everything is going viral these days, this soap - brimming with organic oils of the Four Thieves - is just the thing to wash your cares away.

Now if you don't know the grisly story: back in the early 1400s, during the Bubonic Plague, four particularly flagrant thieves were looting towns and robbing citizens without appearing to be affected by the highly communicable disease. Finally caught, they were sentenced to be burned alive. But a dumbfounded judge decided the bad guys could avoid that particular punishment by revealing their secret to averting the Black Death. Not surprisingly, they fessed up: as spice merchants and perfumers, they collaborated to create a heady combination of clove, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary essences, that miraculously kept the plague at bay. Immediately after divulging, the thieves were hauled off and hung - not burned to death - keeping the judge true to his word.

Whether this is exactly the way things went down (or up?). the scent of the four thieves is still popular today for warding off evil bugs. This limited edition soap is made with the same tart lemon, clean eucalyptus, fresh rosemary and spicy clove and cinnamon organic essential oils, accented by activated charcoal and detoxifying clays.

Made with saponified organic shea butter, RSPO coconut + olive oils, purified water, kaolin clay, activated charcoal, organic cinnamon bark, lemon, rosemary, clove and eucalyptus essential oil blend.

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