NEW Dough Bowl Candle Luxury DIY Refill Kits

A Joy Forever Bath + Body

Pick Your Bowl:
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A Joy Forever dough bowl candles are beautiful to look at and wonderful to experience...over and over again! 

Unlike typical soy wax/cotton wick kits on the market, A Joy Forever refills are made with the crème de la crème of candle-making ingredients:  super-premium, clean burning organic coconut wax, luxury crackling wooden wicks and the highest quality vegan fragrance and essential oils.  Our kits make it fun and easy to give your rustic candle bowl new life - and a new scent - anytime. 

To start, simply select:

1. Shape/size of your current vessel 
2. Choice of fragrance from our seasonal favorites

Your kit will come custom-made for your bowl with pre-measured, pre-scented wax in a microwave-safe pouch; crackling wooden wicks, holders and stickers; stir sticks and simple step-by-step instructions for creating your new candle. Great date-night and family activity, too!

Prefer someone else to do the work for you? Our refill service is here to help! Email us at for details. 

NOTE: A Joy Forever refill kits are exclusively designed for our vessels.  Please be aware that use in bowls/containers other than ours requires thorough testing of wax, fragrance and wicks to ensure optimum performance and a safe-burning candle.